Our Mission


Signature Schools are on a mission to keep the planet healthy and to do this, we’ve asked Enzo to help. Being our trusty Eco Warrior, Enzo is here to tell you everything you need to know about sustainability and what makes a uniform ‘eco’.


Enzo’s task is to teach everyone he meets about the environment and how to be an eco-warrior like him. Enzo is helping us to understand how to recycle properly, where we can save electricity and most importantly, how to make eco-friendly school uniforms!



Enzo is making big, bright, and exciting Eco changes to schoolwear. Using recycled polyester to make your school uniform saves thousands of plastic bottles from going to landfill! Recycled polyester has just the same feel - the only difference is that it's made from recycled plastic. This prevents plastic reaching landfill and our oceans!




Keep an eye out for Enzo on your Signature School uniform labels and learn More about Enzo's mission!!